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Compassionate and quality care for seniors

Our cornerstones of compassionate, high quality long term care and results-oriented rehab therapy and long term care, combined with a long-standing reputation of excellence are matched with a home-like setting and dedicated, professional staff who truly care. Schedule your inpatient or outpatient rehab therapy today. Contact us.

Choosing a rehab therapy center, or a new place to call home is a big decision. At Edgerton Care Center you'll find excellence, professionalism, family values, and  the very best in personal care. Come in and feel the difference!

What else makes us special?

It's the people and the care we provide. From the thorough and helpful intake staff, to the leadership of our administrator and competent business office staff, to our compassionate and dedicated nurses, CNAs and therapists, our creative activities director, and the daily housekeeping, dietary and maintenance staffs, we're all here to ensure you or your loved one receive the best care possible in a warm, home-like setting.
Meet our team.

A non-profit WISH community

Our mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare services to seniors which we've been doing successfully for decades. You can help! Support our mission of serving seniors through a financial donation or the donation of your time or other resources.

Transitional care

The ultimate piece of mind. We help assure your care and the communication of your care moves fluidly from one environment to another. For example, when you leave a hospital and come to Edgerton Care Center, or when you leave here to go home with home health care, we make sure that your care needs are addressed at each stop along the way. 

Transitions Home Health, our sister agency, is one option for quality home healthcare, providing medical help or continuing therapy at home. It's convenient and less expensive, with RNs and therapists who treat your medical and therapy needs as effectively as if you were in a traditional setting. We treat all ages including those recuperating from surgery, illness, injury, accident, stroke or other conditions. Medicare and private insurance often help cover home healthcare.

Learn more about Transitions Home Health.