Rehab Therapy success stories

Don C. finds healing after surgery complications

Therapy for post knee and hip surgery

Prior to his admission to Edgerton Care Center, Don lived at home with his wife and was independent with complete functional mobility.  He was walking without an assistive device, getting himself dressed, cooking, driving, and doing the yard work.  He needed multiple surgeries on his knee, though, which resulted in unexpected complications. To heal these complications, he put no weight on his affected leg and wore a brace to prevent movement or bending. He followed these restrictions by his doctor for several months until his therapy could start.

Don admitted to Edgerton Care Center in April 2016 for Physical and Occupational Therapy on his knee and participated in sessions 5 times per week for 2-3 hours each time. Initially he needed maximum assistance with dressing and transfers, and was unable to walk. He couldn't

stand, get out bed or dress his lower body. By June, though, Don met his goals through therapy and was discharged back to his home.  By the time Don left, he was able to dress with little help, get in and out of bed independently, move his wheelchair around his home, and transfer independently.

He soon returned to many of his favorite activities including spending time at home with his wife and family and spending time at the family cabin.  Don has returned to Edgerton Care Center to visit the staff and friends he made during his stay here. He never gave up and met all his goals quickly. He is one of our many therapy success stories here at Edgerton Care Center. 

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